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Redefining Success
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The Thriving

Feeling Overwhelmed? Are You Struggling to Balance Your Career and Family Life Effectively? Discover How Parene Can Help You Rewrite the Rules and Thrive in Both Areas?

We understand that the journey of parenthood is a remarkable transformation, filled with unique milestones and challenges.

From the moment you find out about your pregnancy to the bittersweet day they spread their wings and venture into the world on their own, each step brings new dimensions to the delicate work-life balance.

We are your village, your support system

—a community of parents who've been there, ready to listen, offer advice when asked, and normalize the beautiful struggle of the juggle.

We are united by the belief that together, we can rewrite the rules and redefine what success means in our lives.

Whether you're navigating the early stages of parenthood, managing the whirlwind of school years, or preparing to send your child off to new adventures, Parene is here for you.

Join us to celebrate the victories, share the challenges, and embark on a transformative journey where thriving as a parent and professional is not just a goal but a beautiful reality.

Your village awaits, ready to empower and uplift you every step of the way.

Unleash your Expertise

Ready to transform your life and rewrite your success story?


We're fueled by the strength of our collective wisdom and the spirit of community. Our Pro Parene members are the dynamic changemakers, mentors, and experts who propel us forward and upward on our shared journey.


Hailing from diverse backgrounds and walks of life, they are the heartbeat of our thriving village, nurturing growth and connection in every way.

As Pro Parene members, they are not only the backbone of our community but also the architects of opportunity. They harness their expertise to provide coaching and mentorship, guiding fellow members towards personal and professional transformation. It's a harmonious synergy where their support elevates us all.

These champions of change also take the lead in crafting events and initiatives that foster shared learning, connection, and collective growth.


In embracing the Pro Parene membership, they not only invest in their own personal and professional development but also create avenues for our entire village to flourish.

Parene is not just a platform; it's a dynamic ecosystem where your expertise finds purpose, your growth knows no bounds, and your journey is one of transformation. 

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"I originally met Tara at a networking event in the summer of 2022. When I heard she was creating her own network specifically for mums in business, I knew had to become a member. Not only is it a chance to meet other women in business, but women who are mums, and more importantly women who know the struggles and joys that brings.

I love the accountability, the professional and personal learning, and the support that comes with being connected with like-minded women and mums"

Samantha O Sullivan, ChapterYou & Cork City Therapy

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