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About Me

A Guide to Your Goals

In 2018, I returned to work after my 6 months maternity leave and left work within a month. Pumping milk in a small office during my 30 minute lunch break. Once childcare and my bus ticket was covered, I was working just to retain my job. I left and retrained as an office manager. Shortly after I entered a new career as a recruiter.

Recruitment allowed more stable hours than retail but required my daughter to be in childcare from 8 until 5:30 am Monday to Friday.

In 2020, when the lockdown happened I was working from home, caring for my 2 year old and pregnant with my second baby.

"what choice do I have?"

"I don't have any options!"

Working around both my husbands schedule and  nap times and meals, an increase in screen time left us all exhausted. At first it meant late nights but I found ways of working smarter not harder.

With over 10 years experience in leadership and as an accredited Executive, Leadership and Parent Coach I have decided to make 2021, a new era has dawned where we can restore balance for families of all sizes.