About Me

A Guide to Your Goals

Life has its own challenges , we all are through them and yet few would cross us soon..!!

I have moved from India to Ireland in 2019 and that was a " Change " , a leap to take and a challenge to accept.


Parenting became the second challenge as me and my kid were in the same boat sailing the unknown sea and had hardly ever been so far from friends, family and the entire support system. 


Career choice was a big question mark..Do i move to a regular 9 to 5 job that I left with a reason or continue my entrepreneurial journey all over again. Not to mention the changed environment had added to the complexity level for having to figure my life all over again on a personal and professional front.


And then I met Tara as a Career Coach. She carefully made me self aware and struck the correct balance to identify my dreams and longing for the independent venture  and not a job.

I have worked as a Human resource professional for over 10 years before starting a venture and understand what it takes to be on your own both with head and heart . After going through a difficult pregnancy experience , I thought I was ready to commit myself to the corporate world , only to realize that my priorities have changed and so have my responsibilities.


We all walk the tight rope of expectations and as the responsibilities increase , the need  to balance our life increases. We at Parene would help you achieve just that perfect balance 


I had started my Entrepreneurial journey with H2R management solutions in 2018 , gladly moving from my work commitment as a HRBP  to a HR consultant. My goal is to help startups and entrepreneurs establish the HR process in the firm and help them to align the business  and people strategy together.


I am a daunting mom too and have a unique take on parenting ethos and some good cross cultural experience to share on . YES  I accepted the challenge to relocate  to Ireland  after spending my 30 plus years in India and Life has just started anew now . I am sure you  may have more challenges than i have been through , but i assure you will have a listening ear and helping hand with Me and Tara help you sail you through.