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What are your fees?

All of our packages can be found in the book online section. These can be tailored to your individual/group needs. 
No two people tackle the same challenge the same way. 
A typical session lasts between 1 hour and 1.5 hours depending on the issue being discussed. The fee for an hour session starts at €110.
Payment plans are also available.
We offer a free clarity call to understand your needs

What is coaching?

"Coaching is a co-creative future focused conversation where you are empowered to realise your potential and achieve your goals."

It is a reflective space where together we set objectives of your high achieving goal and what success will look like for you.

It is a partnership, a breakthrough conversation where I take the responsibility to truly hear you and offer unconditional feedforward observations. Through this narrative flows your values. They are your North Star. Our commitment to our values, influences our decision making. Misalignment around a core value/ belief can block us. Through coaching we can understand their importance, learning from our best strengths to create limitless opportunities in our lives.

I strive to create an atmosphere that encourages you to do your best, stretch for more, craft a better strategy, identify the missing ingredients, find a shortcut, a better way.

I will encourage you relentlessly, you will be held in unconditional positive regard, and I will view your reality with empathy.  

How do you Coach?

I create a solution focused approach, building on strengths and finding positive ways forward. We will utilize your existing abilities and resources to create  precise solutions with  positive goal setting. 
Your Future is limitless when you begin to make links and reflect on what gives you meaning. I will teach you how to shift your perspective to think and go beyond your current created limitations.
Your future is barricaded by your views of the past. When we plan for things to work out, we are more aware of the resources available to make it happen.
What you think becomes what you become.
How we talk to ourselves influences how we think, how we think influences how we behave creating highways in our muscles.
When you are Ready, Willing and Able we can begin by designing  a strategy (How) to link you (Who) to your goals (What). Once you have made the decision to invest in yourself I will show you how to leverage your strengths, define your core values and beliefs to identify types of behaviours and equip you with more tools to define your purpose (Why)

What are your qualifications?

My purpose is to create sustainable change.

I  trained with Kingstown College as a Personal, Executive and Leadership Coach and with Irish Life Institute as a Parent Coach. Through these I have learned and follow the EMCC and ICF standard of ethics. More information can be found through their websites. 

Grounded in ethic/values and skills, coaching gives you an insight as a precursor to transformation and makes way for empowerment.

I want to empower parents to Think, Act and Lead without Limits. 

We go around asleep, bumping into our life.  Raising our awareness gives us power. Existence is suspended in our sessions to help create a new reality.

Through Coaching you will:

1. Learn to be appreciative

2. Challenge your inner critic

3. Discover who you are

4. Clarify: 

  • ​Your Purpose

  • Your Vision

  • Your Goals

5. Enjoy Positive Relationships

Working with me is an investment in you ,your future happiness & wellbeing. I believe that people are better tooled to find their own answers when it is based in their own reality. I will navigate through curiosity with honesty, openness and transparency, creating an alliance mindset, championing you and holding you in absolute positive regard. How often in life do we get to experience that?

Coaching is unlocking a person's potential to maximize their growth

-John Whitmore