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It's not the minutes we clock but the moments we make

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Maternity Coaching

Did you know that women who received maternity coaching through their employer were twice as likely to return to work? More women are beginning to realise the benefits of seeking external support. Our Coaching sessions are: 

1. Solution-Focused & Led by the client

2. Helps clients feel valued by their organisation

3. Helps to increase confidence and boost productivity

4. Confidential & Non-Judgemental

5. Offers Support, Guidance and tools to navigate the change. 

Maternity coaching helps our clients establish perspective at time when there is great excitement, uncertainty and change. We are able to fom clear plans for short and long term goals as well as handling any practical and emotional issues

Return to Work Coaching

When we return to work, we are not just returning to our old selves, we are re-entering the workforce as a working parent for the first time. This is a new world to navigate between new commutes/childcare responsibilities as well as inevitably a different sleeping pattern. Businesses who empower employees with coaching support can benefit from finding more productive routines and a faster integration time. Unlike traditional Return to Work Coaching services our program is open to both moms and dads as we realise both are facing the challenges and changes. Our strategy helps to:

1. Establish external support for emotional and practical matters

2. Understanding patterns and new behaviours 

3. Develop a wellness toolbox 

4. Create a communication system between parties involved

5. Confidential & non-judgemental support and resources

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Executive & Leadership Coaching

Our Leadership Development programs are a 90 day program to help support working parents  emerge as leaders.
Our program includes parents with different backgrounds, experiences, start or finish lines.
Everyone is unique with different career and life situations and ambitions- and that helps to make this program diverse and interesting. 
This program is an opportunity for a working parents to learn and grow, build networks and flourish in their careers.