The MaPa Approach

You Achieve what You Believe

MaPa is a word my daughter created when looking for both Mama & Papa and the duality was born. We have expanded our team of coaches to offer a variety of life & career coaching services that will nurture your spirit, help you overcome personal challenges, and allow you to achieve your individual life goals.

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One:One Coaching Session

In our six sessions we will explore your strengths and values to help develop a clear goal. Facing your inner saboteurs so that you can transition into your next phase with greater confidence and motivation. 

After gaining a deeper sense of self-awareness, I will be your sounding board as your strategize a way to align your career and personal goals. 

Here are some of the areas we can explore:

  • Leadership Coaching

  • Executive Coaching

  • Career Coaching

  • Business Coaching

  • Maternity/Paternity Coaching

  • Return to Work Coaching

  • Interview Coaching

  • Transitional Coaching

Group Coaching Session

Childcare, Time Management, Work/Life Balance as well as confidence are all factors we will consider together with peer support.  

Improve your ability to articulate your value and achieve your growth goals at your company. As you transition, we will walk with you while you navigate the new change with confidence.​

Group Sessions occur in blocks of six sessions and are focused on pivotal transition points for parents.:

  • Embracing Maternity leave

  • New Parents

  • Leaders raising Leaders

  • Single Parents

  • Entrepreneurial Parents

  • Working with teenagers

  • Working with young children

  • Working with toddlers

Support Group
Coworkers Talking on Video Conference

Leadership Program

Our Leadership Development programs are a 90 day program to help support working parents  emerge as leaders.
Our program includes parents with different backgrounds, experiences, start or finish lines.
Everyone is unique with different career and life situations and ambitions- and that helps to make this program diverse and interesting. 
This program is an opportunity for a working parents to learn and grow, build networks and flourish in their careers.