The MaPa Approach

You Achieve what You Believe.

Turn your Dreams into Actions Plans.

Do you feel like somewhere between the transition from parent to working parent, you lost your way? Between the demands of parenting and career pressure, you began to question if you are on the right path?

Having a coach to champion you, a community of parents to support you and a holistic bespoke strategy

will help you create the harmony you have been craving.

I will assess your professional situation through collaboration, compassion & innovation to create a life altering action plan to take you to the next level.

 Parene offers a variety of life & career coaching services that will nurture your spirit, help you overcome personal challenges, and allow you to achieve your career and life goals. 

I can help you find the clarity and self-awareness you need to lead a life with greater certainty.

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Parent Transition Coaching for Individuals

In our six sessions we will explore your strengths and values to help align your professional and personal goals.

You will be empowered to resist your own limiting beliefs so that you can transition to your greatest chapter yet with confidence. 

I will help you gain a deeper sense of self-awareness, adjust unfitting mindsets and understand your true power.

Here are some of the areas we can explore:

  • Leadership Coaching

  • Executive Coaching

  • Career Coaching

  • Business Coaching

  • Maternity/Paternity Coaching

  • Return to Work Coaching

  • Interview Coaching

  • Transitional Coaching

  • Parent Coaching

  • Personality Coaching

I help busy parents go from working hard with no clear direction to becoming focused by co-creating clear goals and developing the mental toolkit to provide the support needed

Each Coaching Package is customised based on the direction of your goals. Designed to support you throughout your journey and development that leads to positive change.

Parent Transition Coaching for Groups

Group Coaching offers help across all aspect of life.  I meet each parent individually to collect their problem statements and tailor each group with an appropriate solution in mind.

The programme is set on the outcomes each parent wants to achieve in the six sessions.

Childcare, Time Management, Work/Life Balance as well as confidence are all factors we will consider together with peer support.  

As you transition, we will walk with you while you navigate the new change with confidence.​

Group Sessions occur in blocks of six sessions. The focus may not be the same for every parent but we can all learn from others experience.


Areas we will broadly cover:

  • Managing pressure, deadlines, difficult people and overwhelm

  • Tools to help you separate yourself from your thoughts

  • Creating boundaries and speaking up 

  • Understanding what triggers you and creates stress

  • Avoiding thinking traps and catastrophizing

  • Creating routines to reduce stress and increase sleep

  • Building resilience to manage challenges and chaos

  • Leaving work at work with recovery routines

You will be motivated and engaged through focused and tailored interventions in a non-judgmental and safe environment. 

I help parents go from overwhelmed to feeling supported and clear on their directions by giving them the toolkit they need to make it happen.

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Powerhouse Parent Programme

Do you ever feel like you want to be more assertive? Did you know that resilience and adaptability are the most sought after soft skills in 2022? 

I designed the powerhouse framework to help parents understand their existing powers and allow them develop new skills to become their own Powerhouse.

It is a 6 week program to learn, and grow, build networks and flourish professionally and personally.

  • Gain an essential insight into your own personal development process.

  • Reflect on your current environment, where you are drawing your energy from and what is taking it away.

  • Diver deeper into understand the process you have developed that are holding you back and what will help actualize your goals.

Bespoke to working parents with high ambitions wanting  to achieve more in life and work. 

Week 1- Powerhouse Framework 

Week 2- Awakening a powerhouse

Week 3- Becoming a powerhouse

Week 4- Creating your powerhouse

Week 5- Driving powerhouse

Week 6- Evolving your powerhouse

This requires in depth self-reflection throughout the process and a commitment to honesty, hard work and persistence. 

Once you have signed up for the program you will receive:

  • A workbook journal to aid you on your six week journey

  • A personal session with me to help me understand your pain points.

  • Weekly Group sessions to ask questions and network

  • Online content to help guide you through the process each week

From this you will emerge as a new powerhouse ready to surpass the next level of career while maintaining a fulfilling home life.