Co-Active Career Coaching for Parents

Co-Active Career Coaching for Parents

Tara Elzingre

The Co-Active Coach is a designed alliance between a self-aware coach and a naturally creative, resourceful, and whole client.

Three different levels of listening

The ways we can learn to move between each level and what happens when we do not.

As a coach I believe it is important that we humanize ourselves by apologizing (if we momentarily stop listening) to show our commitment to our client’s journey.


The ability to use our intuition to brainstorm with clients to help them become unstuck while remaining impartial can help me grow with confidence as a coach.

Goal Acquisition

Navigating a session with a coach means going to the deepest parts of our clients lives while maintaining focus on their goals.

A Co-Active model requires coaches to “dance in the moment with the client” (Henry Kimsey-House, 2018).

Balance formula

This is a 4-step process which helps clients become unstuck in their career choices.

By exploring possible limiting perspectives, the geography and HOW they choose; the client can stretch the strategies that will help them achieve their goals.

We can than narrow the list to formulate a plan in a more expanded world than the client originally imagined possible.

An example of this would be when a client returns to work after maternity.

Managing career as a first-time parent can often be a challenge.

“choose the flow, a way to balance priorities, expectations and perspectives” (Henry Kimsey-House, 2018)

The Process Pathway

By encouraging your client to be vulnerable with you, you are helping them to “release the energy in the motion” (Henry Kimsey-House, 2018)

If we imagine a new parent who has recently been promoted and they are unsure as to why they are unhappy about the change. The source of “E-motion” may not always be apparent to them. By utilising the process pathway, we can uncover an untapped network of internal resources to help them navigate (not always directly) towards a world they want.

The Co-Active Coach encourages coaches to abide by the ICF standard of ethics, monitor their own behaviour and to hold the client in the highest regard. In this way I believe it is an excellent source for any new coach, like me to gain a framework on how best to leave yourself at the door of the coaching session. It is a way of showing us how to transform our clients’ journeys with small steps, deep journeys, and honest vulnerability.


Henry Kimsey-House, K. K.-H. (2018). Co-Active Coaching: the proven framework for transformative conversations at work and in life. Boston, London: Nicholas Brealey Publishing.

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