How to Accomplish more

As a busy working mom of a 3-year-old who likes to dress herself and a nearly one year old who wants to climb the stairs all day, checking emails feels like an achievement some days. Throughout the pandemic working parents have been learning to pivot between caregiver and professionals in a minute. When people I’ve worked with begin to recognize and learn to see patterns in the strains they’re facing, they immediately feel more capable and in charge, which then opens the door to more sustainable and concrete changes.

Shift your mindset

With offices beginning to reopen, we are shifting into a hybrid time and change is going to be part of the blueprint. There are ways to shift your mindset to help you accept change and create a more productive mindset.

1. Recognize the positive effects of change for business, you'll retrain your brain to see change as an opportunity for growth.--Jared Brown, Hubstaff

2. Find a way to reflect: Meditation, exercise, or journaling. Take time to reflect on what you are achieving in check with your long-term goals

3. Find 3 positives in each day. Even our worse day are a lesson

Make a list and check it twice

You can add as little as you want, the most important aspect is that you take the time to reflect on what it is you want to achieve and setting your intentions to accomplish it. I would like you to take out a notepad (physical or digital) and answer the following:

1. What is on my to-do list?

2. What resources do I have to achieve it?

3. What else can I do?

Consider what are your top priorities, what are your next steps, how committed you are to achieving it and is this a task you enjoy?

Share your intentions

Find someone to help you stay accountable. This can be someone you work with or a friend you trust. Balancing work and parenting are a challenge. It is an ongoing series of adjustments, negotiations, and decisions about what to reveal and how. Many working parents are concerned about how juggling caregiving duties and work might reflect on their performance. Finding a peer who you can communicate your intentions with, will help you feel more understood, supported, and add some gentle pressure to help stretch you to achieve more.

Practically, this exercise can help ground you in what are your top priorities and help you gain clarity on your to-do list. Emotionally, it gives you a sense of power: You’re being proactive and taking charge. And the personal insights that come out of it (“I say yes too often”; “I can be a perfectionist”) help you make more-conscious judgments about your time and your commitments for the future.

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