Post-Pandemic Parenting

During the first lockdown, like much of the world, I was working from home with my husband as my new co-worker and our toddler as our new schedule master! Every day was blended with early work wakeups, short walks for noise control, too much Cocomelon and getting to join in on blissful milestones. Out of all the chaos and frustrations and fear came a silver lining. We got to spend more time together.

Time, we did not realise we were missing as a family working 9 to 5 jobs with a heavy commute. There are certainly things I miss about going to an office in the city. My morning coffee and a chat with co-workers whose faces I can see, and nobody muted.

There is no going back, only forward, so what do we want tomorrow to look like?

Happiness and wellbeing

Studies show parents' biggest concern is around the impacts covid-19 has had on their children’s mental load. Post-Pandemic what we want the most is to see them move into a world where they can flourish. Even with the horizon within reach it seems we are still unclear about a path to our new normal. This has caused our own mental health to continue to deteriorate since the beginning of the pandemic.

Companies who embrace a better work life balance for their working parents with flexible work options have already seen a correlation to greater job performance and satisfaction.

Rebuilding Connections

One of the highest increases of loneliness was seen amongst women between the age group of 25 to 34, the “mommy bracket”. New Mom’s in general have seen an increase in parental insecurity. We have always raised our children with our Tribes. Without the personal touch of face-to-face meetings our worries and anxieties have increased.

Fika is a Scandinavian social tradition that I would love to see embraced by employers. There is no direct translation, but it loosely means “time for cake and coffee”. As we enter our new normal let us make sure to take time out for workplace bonding.

Currently, Ireland has the largest workforce working from home across Europe due to covid-19. We are ready to embrace a more hybrid lifestyle. Even with the end of lockdown, over half of us want our employers to adopt more flexible work policies and to take learnings from this year to adapt to the changes.

The average commute in Ireland pre-covid was 26 minutes. With our world now globally accessible from the touch of a button, our desks are mobile. We can break up our day around nap

times and meetings.

Will this trend of working from home continue when we return to the office? Join me on the 16th of August for a back to school session where we will be discussing:

How can we create a more sustainable work and life synergy?

How can we create boundaries both at home & at work?

What are the true costs of commuting & childcare?

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