Returning to the Office for Working Parent

Fast forward to now and we know how to schedule naps and home schooling around meetings and washing loads! The old normal “9 to 5” is on its way out and we have the chance now to create a new kinder normal for working parents.

After 18 months of uncertainty, it is with excitement and anxiety that working parents will start to return to the office and onsite. So what can we do to help make the transition for us, our families and our careers as smooth as possible?

Step 1: Create a priorities list

For you and your

family and make sure to rank the priorities. When creating the list ask yourself these questions:

What do we need to START doing?

What do we need to STOP doing?

What do we need to CONTINUE doing?

Step 2: Resource Tally

Look at your list of priorities and see what resources you will need to complete it

  1. Time: What time can you give to each item on your priority list

  2. Energy: Do I enjoy doing this task? Will I need a lot of energy?

  3. Money: Can I spend money outsourcing this task? What money do I need to complete this task?

  4. Support Network: What support would I need to complete my list? What supports do I have to help with priorities? Where can I find more support?

Step 3: Create an Action Plan and Get Actioning. Do not wait for day dot to start doing what you intend to do, breaking and transforming habits takes time. So start today to make the little changes that will make tomorrow easier.


If you are like me and the office pants and shoes have not been

touched in 18 months, take them out and try them on! Pull together some outfits and see if they are a nice fit that helps you feel good. Check out Sarah Lyons @themammycoach for some more tips on getting office ready


It seems like every other hour in our house is in some way consumed by food. Buying food, prepping food or eating it! I enjoy feeding my family and even I find it draining weekly to come up with meals and think about the contents of the pantry and fridge. Double up on ingredients now to make some family favorites that you can freeze. Check out @littleloucooks for a crash course on freezer friendly meals!

Make a list of the meals you would like to eat for the week before your weekly shop.


Now is the time to declutter your house to keep better track of the housework. If it has not been used or will no longer be used in the coming weeks/ months now is the time to get rid of it. September is second hand month and there are some great Facebook groups where you can freecycle your unwanted items.

Having a clear home and a clear space for everything will help you maintain a more productive mindset.

Do the Minimum

We are finally at a time where self-care and sleep are more fashionable than overworking! It is a trend I appreciate and yet I cannot always buy the whole package. Even though we understand the need to look after ourselves better and sleep more, we still want healthy, happy children, careers and orderly houses.

So my advice is to get more comfortable doing the minimum! We can create an abundance of resources for ourselves just by getting more comfortable with doing less.


When reviewing your resource tally, are there resources you can utilise to create more of the other? For instance if you were to hire a cleaner, with a cost between €60 to €100 for 4 hours work; Could you utilise those 4 hours elsewhere?

Another time and energy saver to consider would be to order your groceries online.