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My name is Tara Elzingre, I am a mom to 3 kids aged 4 and under, married to a Swiss Engineer, dog owner, and proud founder of Parene.


I finished my degree at the height of the recession. Since no one was hiring in my local philosophy factory, I stuck to my retail job and quickly moved up the ladder. I was in charge of multi-millionaire stores and was responsible for multiple teams, new store openings, and coaching staff. During this time I saw my entrepreneurial parents reinvent themselves time and time again during this time and always thought I preferred the security of an employed position.

In 2018, we had our first daughter, and 8 weeks later got married in Portugal. While it wasn’t planned, I will always find a way to make things work. Life in retail is challenging with irregular hours and high demands in high seasons. So I retrained with Pitman College in Office Management and got a role in recruitment.


It all changed after our second daughter was born during the pandemic in 2020. While we lost heavily, and our lives were put on hold, we had time to reflect on our values and what we truly wanted. It was at this time I had a call with a career coach, unhappy about my wage having stagnated and the price of childcare now doubling for us. I fell so in love with coaching that I wanted to train myself in the skills and went to Kingstown College to study Personal, Leadership & Executive coaching. As a proud EMCC & ICF certified coach, I started Parene as a side hustle supporting parents with their work/life balance. I am also certified in Parent coaching with the Irish Life Institute to fully equip me with tools for my clients. By January 2022, I was in the position to take it as a full-time business, just in time for our son to arrive in June 2022.

Parene Founder Tara

My Mission

I am on a mission to create better options for working parents to work with greater access to resources. 

Parene is an online community membership that helps moms THRIVE in Business and at Home.

More Moms than ever before attracted to the idea of starting their own businesses.

It is a growing sector and a pivotal time for Brands, Government & Media to start taking notice.

Investing now in mom entrepreneurs can help support stronger circular economies with global expansion potentiality.

Traditionally, moms have been underpaid and undervalued suffering the brunt of the wage gap and burnout.

We need greater support for Mom Entrepreneurs to help them bridge the gap between their innovations and childcare needs. With the cost of living crisis, more recognition for small business owners is necessary with access to better funding and support for those trying to generate a greater income for their families.

Moms need partners, new ways of working, better tools, and opportunities that support their dreams. Let’s start working together to build these supports and better resources for moms wellbeing and mental health

When you join Parene, together we are limitless.

If you are a mom, who is thinking about, or have been in business for less than three years, our village is here to support your success.

Soul-led eComm

olga jusupova

My name is Olga. I am a Founder of luxury Holistic Skincare Brand, an eCommerce business consultant, and a mum of 2 little boys under 4. In my Soul Led eCommerce mums 1:1 program I help mums with already existing eComm businesses to level up and increase conversion rates. I provide full step-by step guidance & support that will help you double your sales in 18 weeks. 


I believe that mums in business are true superheroes, they are passionate, multi- talented, and have a burning desire to have a soul-driven purpose. They are leaders who are raising leaders and who are teaching their children important values in life. If you feel stuck, have a question or a technical block, please reach out to me. I will be happy to help because It’s my mission & soul driven purpose to help you succeed! 




Oga is an eCommerce Business Consultant & Coach, and founder of a luxury holistic skincare brand ( She is also a mum of two small boys under 4 years of age.  


She believes that entrepreneur mums are true superheroes, they are passionate, multi-talented, and have a burning desire to have a soul-driven purpose. They are leaders who are raising leaders and who are teaching their children important values in life. 


Olga created a transformational “Soul Led Ecommerce” program as a soul-driven mission to help mums with e-commerce businesses to implement systems, mindset, and strategies that will help them to double and triple their sales and finally move from side hustle to their dream soul-led business. Comment end  

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