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Tara Elzingre

Our Mission

I am on a mission to create better options for working parents to work with greater access to resources. 

Parene is an online community membership that helps moms THRIVE in Business and at Home.

More Moms than ever before attracted to the idea of starting their own businesses.

It is a growing sector and a pivotal time for Brands, Government & Media to start taking notice.

Investing now in mom entrepreneurs can help support stronger circular economies with global expansion potentiality.

Traditionally, moms have been underpaid and undervalued suffering the brunt of the wage gap and burnout.

We need greater support for Mom Entrepreneurs to help them bridge the gap between their innovations and childcare needs. With the cost of living crisis, more recognition for small business owners is necessary with access to better funding and support for those trying to generate a greater income for their families.

Moms need partners, new ways of working, better tools, and opportunities that support their dreams. Let’s start working together to build these supports and better resources for moms wellbeing and mental health

When you join Parene, together we are limitless.

If you are a mom, who is thinking about, or have been in business for less than three years, our village is here to support your success.

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Here's the deal

Want the secret sauciness to the Parene membership!

The Things & bits that will be here for you:

  • A MAP to your success! 

    • A Mindful Action Planner to help you decide your business goals, find your focus and create healthy habits​

  • It takes a village to raise a mom in business

    • We ask the tough, out of the box questions, empower & champion each other​

    • Online & In-person networking

    • Peer support & Mentorship

    • Access to experts

  • Members-only resources, offers & networking opportunities

    • Each week you will receive a Newsletter with all the latest and greatest going on inside Parene

  • Accountability tracking

    • Accountability buddy match-up

    • Goal-tracking forum

    • Focus on what's important

  • All-Access to the Business Campus

    • Build your personal brand​

    • Goal-Setting for 2023

    • Sales Success

    • Confidence to Thrive

    • Your authentic content strategy

    • Support to help you grow

  •  Private Coaching

    • one:one 30-minute coaching

We are here for you:


Because it takes a village to raise a mom in business. Find the connections that matter. We're active daily. 

It's the heart of Parene. We ask the tough questions of each other to grow. We talk about how uncomfortable it is. We have the space, online & offline for you challenges and celebrations, together we are limitless.


Access our growing business campus for direction and step-by-steps support.

Parene is growing to be the one-stop platform for all your needs to grow your business. 

We host business related masterclass monthly, Live trainings and summits to connect you with the resources you need.


Together we are limitless. With the right mindset and village behind you, you can have a thriving business and family life. It doesn't have to be one without the other. When we learn to connect, when we learn to join forces, we can create new frontiers and new opportunities like we have never known before.

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Coming Soon

The Business Shower

The Business shower is a twelve week launch to success program. 

You have heard of baby showers now its time to shower your business with all the resources it needs to get started. 

Want to be the first to know about the Business Shower? 
Are you a business that would like to get involved?

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